Thursday, May 18, 2006

you don't seem to grasp your own importance

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it's almost getting impossible to summon up any more outrage, disgust, and amazement at what's going on in iraq, what's coming from congress and what's being said in the white house press room. in fact, tony snow is on a hot streak of idiocy.

but never mind that...

to those of us who've lived in miami, this is no shock...overly aggressive drivers? cutting people off? tailgating? no signaling turns? describes miami driving perfectly. every day is like a nascar event there, even on city streets, never mind the highways. there's very little police enforcement except maybe once or twice a year, and usually then only as part of the click it or ticket campaigns. yes, miami has to be the worst city in america in which to drive. and i've driven in boston and new york.

but let's end on a (sort of, given everything) positive note

too bad, but the concretes have cancelled a bunch of dates, including their show scheduled for this coming saturday at great american. good thing i'm resourceful...other options that night include this promising show at the rickshaw stop, the writers with drinks night at the make out room, the spam all stars (speaking of miami) at the elbo room. and wow, no shit? new edition at the paramount. ok, i have no intention of going to that show, but geez, they're back? who knew? looks like the best way to start the evening is the amoeba in-store show featuring jason lytle of grandaddy.

and finally? listen to this voxtrot cover of comet gain's "you can hide your love forever". your ears will be glad you did.

hint...the voxtrot vault has tons of good stuff. bookmark the link.

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Mike said...

fantastic blog name. and heaven knows I'm miserable now... haha.