Friday, June 29, 2007

i get good advice from the advertising world

during the last few months i've seen commercials featuring songs from bands that i'd never have guessed would be selling their music. there was the feelies in a volvo commercial, and mates of state who actually appear in a wireless phone commercial while for the actor plays. what really blew me away was hearing a brand new wilco song, sky blue sky in a vw commercial. the record's just out.

the trend started when vw used nike drake's pink moon in a commercial some years back. that seemed to make it safe for left-of-the-dial music to be used to sell things. i'm not as purist as lots of folks in this trouser press discussion, and i certainly don't begrudge the right of anyone to use their music as they see fit. it's more just, well, surprise at who i'm hearing, even wilco, who've got a fairly high profile. some of these aren't exactly mainstream artists.

this site seems to be a fairly decent source of information for finding out the name of that song/artists you heard in a commmercial but couldn't quite place.