Thursday, June 02, 2005

cross country trip log

Ok, here's the nuts and bolts of the trip. More description comes later, this is just the facts.

The route:
Miami, FL take I-95 to Florida Turnpike (@ Golden Glades junction)
Coleman, FL pick up I-75 North.
north FL pick up I-10 West.
Mobile, AL pick up I-65 North to US-98 West.
Hattiesburg, MS pick up I-59 North to US-49 North.
Jackson, MS pick up I-20 West.
Arlington, TX pick up TX-360 North to TX-183/121 West to I-820 West
Forth Worth, TX pick up I-35W North to US-287 North.
Amarillo, TX pick up I-40 West.
Barstow, CA pick up CA-58 West.
Bakersfield, CA pick up CA-99 North.
Chowchilla, CA pick up CA 59/152 West.
past Los Banos, Ca pick up I-5 North, take to I-580 West to Berkeley, CA.

When What Where Miles
Wednesday, May 25 9:49am LEAVE Miami Beach, FL 0
Wednesday, May 25 12:25pm gas Okeechobee, FL 162.9
Wednesday, May 25 2:32pm rest near Ocala, FL 294.7
Wednesday, May 25 5:20pm gas Tallhassee, FL 476.8
Wednesday, May 25 7:20pm (CDT) rest 1st rest stop in Alabama 678.5
Wednesday, May 25 8:30pm stop for night Mobile, AL 733.8
Thursday, May 26 7:58am start day Mobile, AL 735.8
Thursday, May 26 9:07am gas New Augusta, MS 801
Thursday, May 26 11:50am rest 1st rest stop in Louisiana 958.2
Thursday, May 26 2:24pm gas Bossier City, LA 1117.4
Thursday, May 26 5:45pm stop for night Arlington, TX 1327
Friday, May 27 8:09am start day Arlington, TX 1329
Friday, May 27 10:38am gas Iowa Park, TX 1464.9
Friday, May 27 2:49pm gas Adrian, TX 1727.1
Friday, May 27 5:45pm (MDT) stop for night Albuquerque, NM 1964.5
Saturday, May 28 11:45am start day Albuquerque, NM 1967.4
Saturday, May 28 12:55am gas Grants, NM 2040.4
Saturday, May 28 4:45pm (MST) stop for 2 nights Flagstaff, AZ 2283.7
Monday, May 30 6:57am start day, gas, coffee Flagstaff, AZ 2372.3
Monday, May 30 11:57am (PDT) gas Ludlow, CA 2674.4
Monday, May 30 3:39pm gas Tulare, CA 2913.5
Monday, May 30 4:35pm stop for night Fresno, CA 2962.9
Tuesday, May 31 9:00am start day Fresno, CA 2975.6
Tuesday, May 31 11:57am ARRIVE Berkeley, CA 3158.3