Tuesday, May 09, 2006

I met myself in a dream, and I just want to tell you

hmm...so last night i dreamt that i had a separated shoulder. it wasn't terribly injured, just noticable enough. i remember being in a kind of denial that it was actually impaired, but when i'd try to move it i couldn't. it was pretty vivid.

from the dream interpretation sites i've looked at, shoulders tend to represent strengths or burdens, either that you have too many or it's a reflection of your ability to care and nurture others. injury and impairment could mean anything from an unconscious need to heal old wounds and hurts, or it could be anxiety and insecurity. that it was the right side is associated with your outgoing nature.

what to make of it all? i have no idea. it's just a new dream for me. stress and anxiety have produced the usual heavy legs/running in quicksand/chase dreams. i've never to my recollection had a dream where a body part was actually injured or impaired like this.

i'd like to remember more of what i dream. supposedly getting into the habit of keeping a dream diary helps you to remember more of what you dream and in greater detail. just great...that means another habit i'd need to form.

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stalkerly said...

It's a lot easier to keep track of your dreams when they're about the same person every night. ;-)