Friday, May 12, 2006

everything in its right place

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from the radiohead fan site, greenplastic radiohead...
It was reported earlier that San Francisco radio station LIVE 105 (who coincidentally is often credited for breaking Radiohead in the United States by airing the "Creep" import first in 1992) announced that Radiohead would be performing two shows at Berkeley's Greek Theatre in June. LIVE 105 has responded to this by saying, "No, we did not. Nothing is official."

While it is most likely true that Radiohead will be performing two dates in Berkeley, we are still waiting confirmation.

that alone will make june a great month.


grrr....the show has been scheduled for june 23, and i'll be away. of course, i'll be in fes, morocco that evening, so it's not like i should be complaining too much. and i've seen radiohead before. still...i'm going to miss this show, calexico at the fillmore, band of horses at the independent and tapes & tapes at cafe dunord.

still, between the trip, the move, and other things, june won't be all that bad, missed shows notwithstanding.

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