Tuesday, May 09, 2006

not just another mouth, in the lipstick vogue

for pure brain-dead entertainment where you get to laugh at stupid, vain, self-absorbed and venal people you can't do much better (worse?) than mtv's "reality" show 8th and ocean.

showcasing a bunch of early-career models working the south beach scene, it's the ultimate in guilty pleasure tv.

see sibling rivalry where one twin deliberately doesn't tell her sister about a casting call that the two of them should be on, and then lies to her sister about "forgetting" when the video is proof that she hung up her cell phone after hearing from the agency booker and didn't say a word. of course, she's blonde and a model so maybe she did forget between the time she closed her flip phone and turned to her sister standing a foot away.

see the agency owner whose face is full of botox and has had a lift or four.

see talesha bitch out tracie because tracie got made that talesha changed plans at the last minute. see, it's tracie's fault for not confirming plans, not talesha's for just deciding she didn't want to go and not telling her roommate.

it has extra appeal for me as i spent a few years living on south beach, and it's cool to see some of my favorite sights. it's also funny to see on video exactly the type of people that make me glad i don't live in sofla anymore.

but yeah, wow...as guilty pleasure it's tops right now.


Erin said...

Did you know that a woman consumes over 4 lbs of Lipstick in her lifetime? Here is a link:

StillWater said...
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