Thursday, May 04, 2006

here comes a regular


ok, maybe that's a bit of over-excitement and maybe bob stinson's dead and maybe slim dunlap doesn't play guitar on it and maybe chris mars doesn't play drums on it (though he did sing back-up) but a new replacements song! just heard it on kexp, and well, as described in the rhino press release for the new best of compilation it does sound like it could have come off of pleased to meet me. doesn't approach things like "left of the dial" or "bastards of young", but it's not bad from first listen.

a song sample is available here. or go the kexp archives and enter may 4, 5:04pm as your search criteria. it'll be up for 14 days, though i'm sure they'll play the song once a day (for {i think} copyright reasons they can't have a song-title search feature).

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