Monday, May 15, 2006

i hate myself for loving you

speaking of guilty pleasures, let's talk about the pipettes, three charming girls from the u.k. who are essentially an unabashed homage to 60's motown/brit-pop/girl-group goodness.

obscure sound has a couple of mp3s up, and like flies on sherbert links to a few acoustic numbers via skatterbrain.

you'll tap your toes, you'll wanna clap your hands (and say yeah), and you'll sing along. and then you'll feel all guilty about it because it's so crassly pop and borderline gimmicky. but then you'll hit the repeat button, or if you're on their myspace page you'll keep playing the tracks over and over.

it may be ear candy, may not have much staying power beyond this month, but damn it's fun. and it's done with such conviction you can't help but dig it.

it's exactly what we need to take our minds of off this. or, um, this.

so yeah...the pipettes. go. listen. now. you'll still love me in the morning.


newgyptian said...

Oh my! That *is* some good stuff. I'd heard of The Pipettes before through my friend (note the t-shirt!), but I'd never HEARD them.

You're right. I'm probably going to keep replaying their MySpace page tracks throughout the day until I can get home and download some more.

newg said...

Shit. Sorry. I must've forgotten to close brackets. That's my friend Joe. :)

Leah said...

I'm totally digging on the Pipettes.