Thursday, May 25, 2006

has it been a year already?

so a year ago today i packed up the car with what the movers didn't take and set out north and west from south florida to california...

this was the proposed itinerary and slate of things to do. the actual route and trip log here. not too much deviation except that i didn't have time for bbq at the railhead in texas. also, albuquerque didn't quite go as planned thanks to something i ate along the way leaving me with a fever, the chills and shakes, and a rebellious digestive system. i did catch a minor league game in fresno, though, the grizzlies. but overall a fun trip. good times in flagstaff...99% of what i drove through between miami and norcal i'd never been to before. not sure i'd want to do a solo cross-country trip again, but this was worth doing.

not sure why the formatting is all messed up with the table. also, check out the obvious spam comment. i had to leave it up...too funny.

oh...some pics here

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