Saturday, May 27, 2006

soaking from the inside out

my god, i'd forgotten what a humid philadelphia day is like. i mean, i grew up with summer days like this. and in miami had it worse and for longer stretches of time. but after a year in the temperate climes of the bay area i'm out of practice. bleh.

the day started out fine...survived the red eye, slept most of the way through despite that it was a crowded flight. landed to a bright, sunny morning.

got to my friend's place (though he and his wife aren't here...they're westward for his brother's wedding...but their cat orpheus is around..he's good company). figured i'd hit the markets down the street for some food. first stop was a fruit stand for a nice granny smith apple (i like my apples like i like my women...tart and crisp...wait, that didn't sound right).

anyway, then to dibruno for some cheese and bread. got a nice gouda and while that was being prepared the song "mickey" (you know, "hey mickey you're so fine...") came on the radio. guy behind the counter offers a free loaf of bread to the first person to name who sang the song. me being a music freak and having a head full of useless trivia knew it instantly and said "toni basil" the people in the store gave me the "check out the big brain on brett" kind of reaction. i'm thinking..."that was easy". nice to know that my head full of useless trivia comes in handy beyond the many nights of quizzo that i did during grad school.

later on was lunch in the reading terminal market, a huge and juicy and good pulled pork sammich.

festivities later tonight, wedding tomorrow. naptime now.

** quick update...yes indeed, i did randomly run into kieran's sister at 16th & chestnut.

also forgot to note...philadelphia international airport's baggage claim takes for friggin ever.

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Kieran Snyder said...

You left out the part where you bumped into my sister!