Sunday, May 07, 2006

i wanna live where it's always saturday

saturday was another marathon apartment hunting day featuring an 8.5 mile walk. in this city it's clear that to find a decent place you've gotta put in lots of time, both in prepping and in walking around. amazing the shoeboxes that people want to let for $1500.

after a 5+ hour day of that i was able to muster the energy for the essex green show at the rickshaw stop, and i'm glad i did. three excellent bands all trading in major melodic currency. i'm enough of a melody slut that all a band needs to to is put out a hummable melody with some decent words and i'm theirs.

east bay's seiko and salome are a good, fun pop band. mario hernandez's high tenor doesn't sound like it should be coming from him, but it works and the songs are the right mix of indie and pop. as expected, irving were fantastic. you don't mind the totally pilfered 60s/70s fuzzpop thing because they write some excellent songs and look like they're having a blast playing them. songs can be heard on their myspace page. essex green were very good as well, though couldn't match the live intensity of irving. still, the greens write some very clever and melodic songs and they play them well. plus, they use a flute now and then.

oh, some mp3s of irving's on-air set at kexp can be found here for a while...

i hadn't been to the rickshaw stop yet, and it's a great place to see bands. good sound, the red velvet on the walls gives the place some warmth, the staff are friendly. the best thing are the rickshaws, which if you get there early and can snag one, are a great place to sit for a while as the bands get ready to play.

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