Friday, April 14, 2006

suddenly this summer

wow, all of a sudden i'm realizing that summer is almost upon us. sure, calendar-wise it's still 60 days or so away, but so many things seem to be intertwined and happening a once that i need to get moving now...

* planning for the trip. the logistics of doing both egypt and morocco are a bit daunting. airfare's pretty steep, but manageable. but there are so many permutations on getting to-from-from-to that sussing out the best itinerary may require a travel agent.

* moving to the city. east bay's nice, but i'm a city guy. so i move before the trip? secure a place for a move immediately after getting back? if right before or after, can i sublet my place in east bay? if not i'll be paying double rent. or do i wait til the lease is up in august?

all this, and the work queue looks to be mighty involved, both with job-specific stuff and independent research i want to do, including a paper proposal that was accepted for publication, so i'll actually have the analysis and write the damn thing.

plus, then there's you having fun. there are books to read, movies to see, music to hear (and play, maybe), improv classes to take, surfing to do more of, soccer to play, people to meet...

to the question of a place to live in the city, any leads on a place are welcome. main requirement is within 10-15 minutes walk (or muni, but preferably walk) of a bart station. option to get parking would be nice as well but not a deal breaker.

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