Tuesday, April 11, 2006

...and everywhere

a rain soaked and busy work-day, but the goal was the calexico in-store at amoeba, and it was worth the trip. they hit the right notes, struck the right chord, set the right mood. i almost didn't go, but i said "screw the rain" and even found parking in the haight. go me.

that was followed by a zipping trip downtown to meet friends for a dinner at the grand cafe at monaco hotel. my dish was a bacon-wrapped pork tenderloin with some sort of pork thing elsewhere on the plate. essentially, lots of pig. but very good, in that french bistro sort of way. good wine, good company...i'm now sad that the conference is over.

driving home i was transfixed by the concretes cover of the stones "miss you". also from that record, Layourbattleaxedown , the song "sugar", featuring the line "he gives me sugar again instead of salt, and it keeps me running back for more".

i'll ask nicely now...please...someone...stop the rain. please?


Leah said...

We aaaaaaalmost went to the Calexico in-store but decided to go to the gym and watch Gilmore Girls instead. I know.

this charming man said...

and here i was, looking for a woman with blonde pigtails. turns out they'll be at the fillmore in june.

Simon said...

I fucking LOVE the Grand Cafe, but I had a very disappointing experience there a few years ago.

I got a blue martini, and there was a dead gnat in it. That is not such a big deal - I have served many a dead gnat in my day - but I was disapointed in the waitress.

I asked her, "waitress, what is this fly doing in my martini?" I set it up for her, I made the effort, I opened the door...

All she said was, "I'll get you another martini."

No backstroke, no nuthin. I have never felt the same about the Grand Cafe.

(...and what's with all the creepy rabbit-person statues?)

this charming man said...

maybe she was very busy at that moment. or had no sense of humor. or didn't like that you called her "waitress"?

you know, i can't remember the rabbits. i remember statues, but not their form.

a friend was staying at the hotel and she said that they give you a fish if you stay there (by yourself). a live one. they take it away during the day to feed it and clean the bowl, but it's your nighttime companion (even if you find your own companionship, i guess).