Friday, April 07, 2006

all tomorrow's parties

last night's activity was the opening at 111 minna. interesting scene, art just so-so, with the exception of adrienne yan's drawings, which i really dug. followed by a light bite at zebulon. excellent spring rolls. and what one of the people writes in the yelp review is spot's a bit too loud for the room. just a touch mellower..set the mood, don't make it impossible to's a small place.

saturday i'm going to try and convince my out of town friends (or at least those with art habits like mine) to go to the make out room for writers with drinks.

monday might be eef barzelay, though after a big group dinner it might be hard to get people rallied. but i have enough julie mccoy in me (somehow i'm always the cruise director) that i think i can swing it.

tuesday early evening is calexico's in-store at amoeba.

this in addition to (or in spite of?) the countless receptions and lunches and coffees and other things that are part of the social aspects of the conference. oh yeah...the panels and presentations too.

some weeks there's just too much to do. (not that i'm complaining)


Leah said...

Calexico at Amoeba, you say?...

this charming man said...

why yes. yes i do say so.