Thursday, April 06, 2006

mission to morocco

with apologies to pat rapa for, uh, borrowing his concept (**), i hereby launch "mission to morocco". yes, tour guide, egypt is part of it. but i like alliteration, so "mission to morocco" it is. though i guess i could make it "mission to morocco, expedition to egypt".

the basic 2+ week itinerary would be:

* fly to cairo, spend 6-8 days in egypt. a hike up sinai will be part of the deal. there will also be pyramids.

* cairo to either marrakesh or casablanca, and a couple of days in each city.

* then, as mentioned previously, a trek along the atlantic coast, chilling, eating fresh seafood, surfing, chilling.

* get to the north coast, take a ferry to spain, then a train to madrid and fly home.

why a mission? no reason really. i figure i need to state it in a public forum and to as many people as possible so that i actually make it happen.

maybe this is what i was thinking about when i mentioned being on the verge of something. or maybe it was one of the many things i sensed coming down the pike (though not all are coming exactly as i sensed originally, but since when is intuition 100%?). point being, the thought's in my head and won't get out. so, i'm on a mission.

** pat, if you read really need to blog the e-mails from the mission to denmark thing. they were some of the funniest damn things to read. and one of these days you should go to denmark.

ps -- unlike pat's mission, mine will not include a fundraising pitch. though donations will not be turned away.

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