Sunday, April 30, 2006

man about town

another day of apartment hunting and wandering around town, this time through the mission, noe valley, nob hill, tenderloin, civic center and hayes valley. as i've mentioned before, i love walking through walkable cities, and san francisco is an especially amazing city for wandering, especially on a mostly sunny and mild day, which yesterday was.

starting in the mission, the first leg of the journey covered over 6.5 miles, and took me through the mission, noe valley, up to castro street, back through the park area, and even more retracing to meet up with a wandering companion. after all that hiking, a brief respite for very good tacos (carne asada and chorizo) at taqueria el buen sabor on valencia.

included was a side trip down a mission alley to check out a mural done by a friend of wandering companion...

...there were also potatoes...

nob hill was the next destination, so on we went to bart. the swing up nob hill featured a quick apartment viewing, a walk through grace cathedral, and then sit down at cafe gallery on mason to grab cup of coffee. while i love that they use la colombe coffee (from philadelphia), the brewing strength was pretty weak. i lived in philly and went to la colombe often. their coffee shouldn't be wimpy.

that was all followed by another mile or so trekking along post st... dinner at chai yo (ginger salad, ginger tofu with scallions) then over to hayes ave for drinks at place pigalle.

in total, about 10 miles walked during the day (hopefully i'll have my legs for a soccer game this afternoon). no lease signed, but that just means another excuse to wander some more.

a brief word of praise for the g-map pedomter. if you want to know how far you've walked, or how far you'll need to walk, it's an awesome tool.

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