Sunday, April 02, 2006

hope springs eternal

Ahh...opening day. (**) Is there a better combination of words to capture the essence of early April? Every team's in first place, nothing but blue skies, green grass and 162 games of promise ahead until October.

Will this be the year the Braves finally don't win the NL East? (yeah, I'm calling you out Darren). For the record, I don't see the Phils winning it this year, maybe (and it pains me no end to say this) the Mets.

Will the A's finally get over the hump?

Will the steroid investigation (more stupidity from Selig) dominate talk and relegate what happens the on the field to the background? Or will the players take control of the game? Will the Giants season be nothing but a circus? Will anyone care when Bonds passes Ruth?

** yeah, yeah...the openers are technically at night this year. still, it's the first day of the season...opening day.


D. said...

No. No it won't be. To be honest, I just don't think the Mets rotation is going to hold up (as much as I love Tom Glavine and all...) and I'm more concerned about the Phillies than the Mets.

But then I remember that they are the Phillies.

Bring on title #15.

this charming man said...

in my evil moments is see glavine, pedro and wagner all breaking down this year. i also wouldn't bet against the braves. but like the constant rain in the bay area the last few months, i'm just tired of seeing them win the east. we need sunshine and a new champ.