Saturday, April 15, 2006

everyone's a critic and most people are djs

Neither rain nor gloom of day will deter me from a farmer's market trip and more importantly from playing soccer today. First match in almost a month. Mud? ha...i laugh at you.

(update...4:30)...tie game, 3-3. I was in goal for the second half, playing first half at sweeper back. I did let in the last goal with a few minutes to play on a shot I arguably had no chance at saving...point blank, wide open. I suppose I could have come out to cut the angle, but if I do that even a second too soon the guy's got an easy chip over my head, and right now he's a better striker than I am a keeper. I could say that the defender shouldn't have let the guy turn to shoot, but it's never cool to pass the buck. Bottom line, I didn't make the save. Still, a well-played and fun match. And no mud...we were on an artificial turf field.

The haul at the famer's market was some good looking spinach, more of the tangelos mentioned a week or so back, avocados (need to get some cheese and french bread to go with them) and green beans.

The playlist as of late...

* The M's - Mansion in the Valley. More mp3s on their website
* The Hard Tomorrows - Put Yourself Out.
* Fountains of Wayne - Valley Winter Song (no mp3 available, so here are the chords and lyrics). must be all the rain...i find myself changing the chorus to "the rain is coming down, in our bayside town, and it's been falling all month long"
* The Hold Steady - The Swish
* Kelley Stoltz - Rescue (echo & the bunnymen cover)

Finally saw Amelie last night and thoroughly enjoyed it. One of those I just somehow hadn't gotten to until now. And that includes the month that it sat in its Netflix sleeve on the living room table. The main point here is to point to this (unintended) hysterical review of it on the world socialist webiste. Among my favorite lines..."All of Jeunet’s characters in Amelie are semi-proletarian, but far removed from what might be regarded as ordinary." Someone paid attention in film school when they covered Marxist rhetorical critique. (/snark)

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