Monday, July 03, 2006

everything sounds like "welcome home"

an aphorism maybe, but it's nice as it is to be on vacation, it's equally as nice to come home. and so after two+ weeks gone, back i am. of course coming home to a place like san francisco feels a bit like extending the vacation.

i haven't yet figured out how to organize my thoughts and experiences of the trip for a diary. i kept a pretty good journal, consisting mainly of accounts of the days but also included some general thoughts. how to diary something like this though...not sure. haven't ever done it. a plain travelogue would be boring to write much less read. some organizing principle will hit me soon. probably while i'm sorting through the 650 pictures that i took. gotta love having a 1-gig memory card for the camera.

so more details soon, but for now i'll note one thing...if you ever get even a whiff of a chance at it, find a way to spend time in marrakesh. it's touristy, yes. but a few hours during the evening hanging out in the main square, place djemma el f'na (or jemaa-al-fnaa), is something that's sure to get all of your senses engaged.

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