Sunday, July 23, 2006

and the sun is beating me senseless...

i really wanted to not reference the heat in this post, but there's no getting around the fact that it's hot...real hot. hot like i used to have to deal with in south florida. but i hear that ocean breezes and fog are gonna control the weather again this week. so sue me, i don't like the heat.

in non-weather news, not to get all meta, but this sf chronicle article delves into a pew report in why people blog. do you recognize yourself in any of the anecdotes and statistics?

i'm finally catching up on music after being out of the loop during the egypt/morocco trip. thanks to the always amazing gorilla vs bear i'm a fan of "sloppy" popsters boat. download last cans of paint and see what i mean.

in the vein of guilty pleasures the pipettes (though with more of a fuzz guitar/electronica thing happening, as well as being wonderfully more weird), how about teddybear stockholm? gvb has stuff about them here, as does my old kentucky blog (though the song samples probably won't be up for much longer). a pitchfork review (via gvb) is here.

hooray, the new sliversun pickups record comes out this week. song samples (not downloadable) here and on their myspace page.

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