Monday, July 24, 2006

dome of the sky

it's kind of photoshop for dummies, but what the hell, i like picasa. the image to the right i took with no flash, lightened a bit in photoshop, then used picasa to sharpen a bit and add a soft focus using city hall as the focal point. yes, it's not up to the technical snuff of serious digital media students like my friend jackie (who's given me a few basic lessons on photoshop), but it's good enough right now for a hobbyist like me. it's also clear to me now that i need a tripod if i want to continue to do night-time and low light shots.

in other news, i think i found a good source for mangoes. now that berkeley bowl is too far away from where i live, my new pusherman is one of the grocers along 16th near the mission bart station. but i can't tell you which one, because i want the mangoes all for myself.

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