Wednesday, July 26, 2006

now you find you're amused with it all...

i'm getting back into the swing of things finally...i moved at the beginning of june and was so busy didn't have time to unpack many of the boxes before the trip to egypt and morocco. so when i got back there were tons of things to put away. and work to catch up on. and 650+ pictures to cull and select for posting.

so finally i feel like i'm actually living in my new apartment, as opposed to it just being a storage place where my bed happened to be. i finally have a feel for the rhthym of the to manage the commute to the east bay (bart has been great for my reading). i am also finally starting to get more social again. it's little things like deciding on which side of the bay i should play soccer, finding a decent yoga studio near to me, and just plain getting out and doing stuff. the world cup final in the park was spontaneous for me, happening just a few days after i got back from the trip. now i'm actually starting to plan things again.

all of which is to say this weekend shapes up to be a good one. the incoming fog banks mean the heat is broken. friday night a friend is visiting and a couple of intriguing east bay options are in the offing.

one option is the book burning comedy showcase at the ak press warehouse. rising stand-up comics, more or less. but sounds promising.

the other option is the sonic foundry performance of the edgetone music summit at 21 grand. it's music played on invented instruments, including one person playing amplified rocking chairs. how can that not be interesting?

saturday is a retro shot of summer blockbuster cinema, as the san francisco neighborhood theater foundation presents raiders of the lost ark in dolores park. i've seen it a million times, know all the key lines by heart ("snakes...why did it have to be snakes") and it never fails to entertain.

also, i feel a bout of introspection coming on brought on by two things. first, my boss is retiring this week. and earlier tonight i was at a book reading where the readings and q&a discussion centered around major points of transition in life. so a million thoughts are swirling about where i've been, where i am, where i am in relation to where society says i should be, where i want to go...

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