Friday, July 14, 2006

this rather simple epitaph can save your hide your falling mind

catching up on randomalia after a busy week...

* i had a tooth extracted today, a root canal gone bad and the tooth had of late been chronicly infected. first step in a long process of getting an implant. but right now there's a hole in my mouth, which i'm tempted to photograph and then post the pic. sadly the dentist didn't let me keep the tooth, which had broken into pieces was extracted because a new root canal wasn't feasible due to the lack of structual integrity in the tooth. no major pain right now (5 hours after) but he shot me up with novocaine pretty good and that's now starting to wear off. sadly i can't do narcotic pain relievers...they make me queasy. so ibuprofin it is.

though it's kept me in tonight, said extraction won't keep me from a soccer game saturday morning and a surfing trip to santa cruz sunday.

in sartorial news of the week...

* i lost a ring i wear on my left hand, and the hand feels naked. thank goodness for the telegraph ave vendors and the plethora of jewlery makers.

* on tuesday of this week i wore a shirt which i somehow had managed to only iron half of. so my left side was nice and pressed and my right side was wrinkly. i need a valet.

music-wise, i'm in need of getting the (sort of) new raconteurs and new thom yorke among many other things, including the upcoming silversun pickups. what else? i dunno, the walkmen maybe. i'm open to suggestions.

otherwise noticed...

jeff goldblum and nicole ritchie on a date? forget the age difference (which seems astounding even by hollywood standards (hello harrison ford and calista flockhart) or the height difference. obviously i don't know either of them, but from public appearances it's not an obvious match.

cbgb's to move to vegas? apparently so. according to the mtv news article, hilly kristal is looking to the downtown vegas area, which is a relief. i can't see that place on the strip. i've played cb's a few times (just about the best on-stage sound for any small club i played), and have seen tons of bands play there (generally good sound and sight-lines for the audience as well). it's where television, the talking heads, blondie, the ramones and countless other new york area bands forged a scene and a sound. if there were to be a signal that rock and roll has died, cb's on the strip would be it. but downtown has the kind of grit that cb's needs. if you're in vegas, go downtown to the art bar. there's also a good mexican place near the art bar, but i can't remember the name.

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