Monday, June 19, 2006

and the days go by...

the mark of a good vacation, for me anyway, is when you've forgotten what day it is. and so, only a few days into the trip, i lose track at least once a day. thank goodness i have my overpriced cheapo swatch watch that i bought in the frankfurt airport because i realized that my cellphone, non-fuctioning outside the 50 states, can no longer double as my watch.

anyway, i'm not going to post anything lengthy now. only posting something because my sleep patterns have been haywire, even though i thought i was over the jet lag quickly. also, i'm enabled by the broadband connection and laptop in the flat where i'm staying (friend of tour guide).

three+ days in egypt and my initial impressions (as go the typical question to any visitor, especially in a land much different from his own) are that a) cairo is a fast-paced city that makes new york and even tokyo seem like small towns. mainly because the speed of things, though roughly the same, is in a more compact and densely populated area, and more importantly (and not unrelated) the chaos factor is x10. also, and related, to know this city is to have been here for a while and have people slowly fill you in on the ways to make it work for you. some cities, like philadelphia, are easily grasped in order to be easily liveable. cairo demands that you work hard, pay *constant* attention and seek wise counsel. without the wonderfully patient and resourceful and good natured tour guide and her hooked-up alexandrian counterpart, i'd be lost. and i'm a pretty good city-goer.

so yeah, sleep now (it's 1am tuesday, 3pm monday for you west coasters, 6pm for you easterners)...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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