Tuesday, June 13, 2006

countdown to cairo

wow, outta here thursday morning. it's been two years since my last real vacation, and i'm ready.

tour guide has lived up to her billing and has set up a good week. i land friday, which happens to be her birthday, so it's right away to a dinner with a bunch of people. hopefully i won't be too smelly. or tired. saturday is apparently a group trip to alexandria, which should be good fun. during the week there'll also be pyramids, wandering about town, a sinai trip.

the morocco leg of the journey is shaping up well, with some minor itinerary adjustments. no longer will the atlantic coast swing be part of the deal...too much lost travel time. that journey needs a week in and of itself. so that's next year, after a week in spain (barca, madrid, granada, tangier...down the coast...i'm already planning...)

so for now it's fly to casablanca, train straight to rabat. there for a couple of days then train to fes. hang there for a couple of days (well three effectively) then an overnight train to marrakech. two+ days there, then a train to casablanca, for an evening and part of the day. then fly to cairo and back to the usa.

of the guidebooks i've read or bought, the most useful so far has been the lonely planet food guide for morocco. ok, the dk eyewitness travel guide is good as well, but i'd rather read about the food before i get there. mmmm...tajines....

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