Wednesday, March 01, 2006

shake me, all night long

A couple of quakes rolled through today, a 2.8 followed by a 3.4 10 minutes later.

I'm still new enough to the area that I don't take the smaller ones in stride. After a few years I'm sure it'll take a 6.0 to make me dive under my desk.


MacDougall said...

have fun.... I live in FIRST quake was northridge...
a 7.8 ? absolutely the most frightening thing I have ever experienced.... now... I jump... but it will pass as well..

TV Detective said...

i grew up in los angeles, greg -- i was on the school bus for the aforementioned northridge quake -- and i hate to tell you this but: i *never* got over earthquakes. the little ones that feel like a big truck passing by? fine. but anything stronger than that? insomnia for weeks! so, uh...good luck with that!