Wednesday, March 22, 2006

the people that you meet in your neighborhood

from doing a bit of sleuthing, i'm pretty sure that i live around the corner from a (now demolished) cottage where japhy ryder lived in the dharma bums. or in real life, where kerouac crashed with ginsburg. my roommate is also pretty sure that our place is in one of the neighborhoods where david eggers lived with his brother in a heartbreaking work of staggering genius. and a friend of mine claims to have stayed in the house where benjamin braddock lived (with mr. roper as his landlord..well, not mr. roper per se, but normal fell) while chasing down elaine in the graduate.

and then there's david lodge's book changing places, which despite the fictional name for the town is definitely set here, with the school as the obvious setting.

why mention all of this? there's really no point except useless triviality and the need for me to spend a few minutes thinking of something other than this work-related analytical problem which is kicking my ass and withering my ego.

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