Tuesday, March 21, 2006

finest worksong

good god, it's these kind of work hours why i didn't go the "normal" route (law, for instance**), the kind a kid raised in a middle-class suburban home should go into. i'm not built for this 60-hour/week stuff. but so it is this week, even though it's more or less a four-day work week what with me off to phoenix friday for a wedding (though i will be working on the planes, in the aiports (change-over in vegas). but the next 5-6 weeks looks to be hellacious (i'll bet you thought i was gonna say "hella"). even if i had a ticket to the new pornographers/belle & sebastian show tonight, it would be iffy that i could actually be there. bah.

** ps - though i'd probably be good at being a lawyer...i'd make lots more money, but i'd also look about 20 years older than i am and be even more a curmudgeon than i am. maybe even have morphed into total miserable prickdom. so yeah, no lawyering for me.

pps -- i'd like to note, that my use of post-scripts is in no way related to the fact that i've read and liked stuff by david foster wallace or david eggers. i just tend to tangentialize (and use parentheses), kinda like them, sometimes like tom robbins.

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