Monday, March 27, 2006

departure lounge

(bumped and updated with picture and links)

thanks to free interweb service, live (**) blogging from mccarren airport in vegas. 9:40pm...i should be in the air now, on a flight from vegas to sfo. but no, thanks to a maintenence issue the flight i was supposed to be on out of phoenix was cancelled. not delayed, cancelled. quick work got me booked on the next set of connections, meaning a 1:20am arrival. meaning i should get home in the 2am range.

...the scene at sfo, around 1:45am...

bleh. on top of that, the constant din of the slots at the center of the circular gate area is annoying to say the least. not only that, america west has seemingly oversold every flight today (including this one about to take us to sfo), so it's hard to be nimble with options. and the boarding areas have been insanely crowded.

at least the wedding was fun (a bit too much fun maybe). how can you not like a wedding with a low key and casual ceremony, good bbq ribs and chicken, good beer, a bluegrass duo, abundant pez, croquet, whiffle ball, an "after-party" (responsible for a bit of the "too much" for lots of folks, evidently), and a cactus league baseball outing (a's-rockies, featuring a homer by frank thomas in his a's debut *plus* an appreance by jose mesa for the rockies) the next day? all that and seeing folks i hadn't seen in way too long. so flight delays be damned, it was well worth the trip.

** well, not technically live. blogger seems to be having trouble publishing posts. so this is posted at 2:30am, as I finally get home.

ps -- apparently there was a mini-me sighting in the terminal. i'm not normally good with celeb spotting, but he's someone i reckon i would recognize had i been party to the sighting.

(update...monday 8:30am...somehow i made it into work despite not getting to bed until 3am. can't vouch that i'll be all that productive today, but i'm here)

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