Saturday, September 16, 2006

take me out tonight where there's music and there's people who are young and alive

a big tip of the hat to leah for the idea to go see the california shakespeare theater. on friday, a clear, crisp and cool evening, we saw the last preview of as you like it in the beautiful bruns ampitheater. susannah schulman was radiant and energetic as rosalind. the calshakes experience is a great way to experience can bring your own food and to eat beforehand in the picnic area or in your seat in the theatre. we had a nice bottle of pinot noir, some hummus, havarti, a baguette and chocolate. and you've gotta love that the company has dan bakkedahl on their advisory council.

this weekend also will feature two soccer games, that is if whatever the hell is going on in my right groin allows me to move well enough (it did today in the first game, hopefully no issues on sunday). this despite a knee that's repsonding positively (so far) to twice doing 1 mile on a treadmill at a 10min:30sec/mile pace. after you've celebrated enough 29th b-days, unexplainable shit happens.

upcoming? well, new music from the hold steady, with a show in october at gamh. the long winters will be at dunord a few days before the hold steady show. and also? mission of burma. no shit, they're still around and touring. 9/20 at gamh.

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