Wednesday, September 13, 2006

o.k., computer

bah. my home computer (desktop mutt system built by a friend, in which i've replaced sound & video cards and added a 2nd hd over the years) seems to be kaput. the os hard drive failed (but it was about 8 years old) and now i can't get the cd-rom to boot the windows cd. something motherboard related.

so on days i don't drag my work laptop home i'm now sans connectivity, which feels so weird.

more importantly, however, i need to think about the next step.

new machine? most definitely. laptop or desktop? laptop almost certainly, and i'll get an external hard-drive thing to plug my 200GB drive with all my files (photos, writing, mp3, data from research projects, email) and maybe use that as a back-up drive.

now the question...mac or pc? i like the idea of a macbook (because, yes, i want to be just like the guy in the mac vs pc commercials with john hodgman)

i've already had a couple of folks sing the praises of mac, but i've heard good things about the toshiba satellite laptop pc.

bah. like i need this annoyance in my life right now. well, ever.

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