Friday, September 22, 2006

kids don't follow

huh. well. here's something to get my mind of off the torture legislation stinkbomb.

paul westerberg's got a new album, and surprise surpise, it's the soundtrack to the new animated feature open season. crazy. this from the same guy who wrote "gary's got a boner".

you could hear a song or two, including "love you in the fall" on the lost highway records site, but they make you register. bah.

so, go instead to kexp's streaming archive and put in 9/22 5:06pm as the date/time, or to the aol music page for the "love you in the fall".

as ross raihala speculates in the st. paul pioneer press, how freaky would it be to see westerberg nominated or even getting an oscar for this? could happen. the academy likes poppy tunes from animated films.

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