Monday, September 04, 2006

every picture tells a story

via crooks and liars i found the bagnewsnotes, a terrific media content analysis blog run by michael shaw. in the blog shaw dissects and analyzes photos from news outlets, public relations arms of industry, government and otehr organzations, as well as photography books and other places where photos are the main medium for the message. he's got a good ability to get underneath the intended message being conveyed by the image and to explain the underlying messages that are present, intentional and not.

(quick word to shaw...dump the use of "dr." in the bio...i have a ph.d. also and unless i'm in a setting that's germane to my field i don't use it as a credential. you're a clinical psych ph.d., not a media studies ph.d. if you run a clinical psych blog, then fine, call yourself dr.,

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