Sunday, August 06, 2006

pie blogging

mmm...the perfect summer dessert...key lime pie. from this foodtv recipe comes this pie, made for a friend's birthday this past weekend. i've made it enough times that i've got it down pretty well -- from start to finish in just under an hour. one of the many useful skills i picked up in the four years i lived in florida. here in california it's hard to find actual key limes, but thanks to the grocers along mission there are plenty of similar limes from mexico. but still...mmmm good. and i've got most of the bag left, so i just may have to make a few more. anyone want some pie?


glutton said...


Also, thanks to that chocolate you brought me from SF I am now addicted to dark chocolate. Seriously, every few days I go out and find a new variety. If I don't my out!

this charming man said...

if only i could figure out a way to get it to egypt without it a) spoiling, and/or b) not passing customs and/or c) being eaten by a customs officer

scharffen-berger chocolate, though, i might be able to get more of to you. though the customs thing...