Friday, August 25, 2006

oscillate wildly

it's one of those kinds of weeks...lots of shows worth going to, lots of stuff worth doing...

saturday is a movie night in the park featuring best in show and undoubtedly with half the dogs living in the mission/dolores area brought in tow by their humans. i should note that two of my friends coming to the movie have dogs named scout...not sure which (if any) of the scouts will be attending, however.

saturday and sunday, the incredible paul kelly plays at great american along with the waifs. i'll be there sunday, for sure.

tuesday is an interesting show at cafe dunord, a tribute to syd barrett, the recently deceased former lead singer of pink floyd. features a slew of local artists. then on thursday at 12 galaxies is dengue fever.

the rest of the fall looks as good and busy, what with the art & soul festival, silversun pickups, billy bragg, mission of burma, the hardly-strictly festival...

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