Sunday, February 08, 2009

red carpet brings this woman into perspective

Somehow, despite being a voting member of the Academy, I forgot that tonight is the Grammy Awards. It's a bit too late to find company for the local NARAS chapter awards telecast (complete w/ open bar...a good recouping of my annual dues), so I'll watch at home instead. While watching the red carpet show on E, there was an amusing exchange between singer Duffy and E host Ryan Seacrest. The entire interview was very flirty (not just in the obsequious butt-kissing way of celeb interviews...Duffy was totally hitting on him), and at the end, while talking about her dress, she asks him "would you like to tap it", and he gave an eager reply of "yes". Hard to tell who was more surprised at the double entendre, her or him. She seemed to have meant to do it, it took him an extra beat to get it. And I laughed.

I forget who I voted for, but I know I'm looking foward to seeing Radiohead and the USC Marching Band perform together. Glad to see Radiohead breaking new ground, using a college marching band is a very origina--- oh...,wait.

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