Wednesday, January 28, 2009

and now it's morning and we are the sleepyheads

a few random thoughts as i'm home on a sick day. after three or four good fights against colds, one finally got to me.

* sad news that hershey's is closing the scharffen-berger plant in berkeley. no word yet on the cafe and gift shop, but you have to assume that there won't be any more factory tours since there won't be a factory. if you haven't taken the tour, do so asap. it's worth it for no other reason than the chocolate smell overload you get when walking into the factory (the pic to the right is from when i took the tour back in november, 2006...more here). note that hershey is doing this as they report better-than-expected earnings for the 4thQ of 2008 and projected growth in 2009. suffice to say, i won't be buying hershey's products if i can help it. not that i've bought their flagship bars lately anyway, as they are to chocolate like bud light is to beer.

* i left a comment on a muni diaries post about poop-flinging passengers that the editors thought enough of to turn into an anonymous guest post. a warning that the link to my post contains a pic that's probably nsfw.

* the secret to my fighting off colds this year? using a neti-pot at the first hint of a stuffed up sinus. it's lessened the sinus-related severity of this one (relative to how my colds usually go...though hasn't helped the fatigue or sore throat) and i'm pretty sure it helped me avoid the colds earlier in the season.

* finally, some good live music this week. first, friends the matinees and invisible cities (along with love is chemicals, who i hear great things about) play the rickshaw stop this thursday to celebrate the release of the new matinees record. if i'm in better shape tomorrow night i'll definitely be there. tonight i'd like to be but won't be at the knockout for the sleepover disaster's record release show. they played with my band a few months ago, and are good guys and a good band.

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