Tuesday, October 03, 2006

24 hour party people

man, do i have a full dance card the next couple of weeks. it all starts this thursday and goes thru more or less until the 19th.

* first, billy bragg in the late show at gamh on thursday.

* friday is the a's-twins playoff game. i grew up in philadelphia, so not too many chances to see playoff baseball. go a's!

* if time allows me to get trans-bay and across the city, i might be able to check out some or all of elvis costello's set at the hardly strictly festival.

* friday night is the opening night event for litquake. david eggars will be there. so will lots of other bay area music and lit types. and hey, my countryman lars ulrich of metallica will be there. maybe we can chat about the band documentary that i so love.

* saturday is a full-day at hardly strictly, including another set by billy bragg, though sadly it conflicts a bit with a set by sally timms and jon langford of the mekons and gillian welch's set.

* saturday night is another movie night in the park, this one featuring young frankenstein.

* sunday, jp runs the san jose rock-and-roll half marathon. in addition to cheering her on, it offers an opportunity to see a band called inspect her gadget. it's a day with no downside.

* monday night 10/9 are two lit events, another progressive reading night as well as a special porchlight night tied into litquake.

* that wednesday starts the 6-week run of an improv comedy class i'm taking with bay area theater sports.

* thursday 10/12 is the pogues, with shane (yes, he's still alive) at the fillmore.

* friday the 13th, i get lucky with the long winters at dunord.

* and then on tuesday the 17th, the hold (fucking) steady! at gamh!

oh yeah, then that friday i get my pulled molar replaced with a titanium implant.

all this and i haven't even thought of what i'm wearing for halloween.

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