Monday, October 04, 2004

fox news and the edumacation president

Fair and balanced? Fair and balanced? My butt is fair and balanced, Fox News sure as shit isn't. Moreover, it's a downright irresponsible and mean organization.

Carl Crawford, whose wife was a Bush campaign operative in 2000, was caught writing and posting a story mocking Kerry's grooming. Then they got scammed by "Communists for Kerry", so gleefully wanting to discredit Kerry that they didn't realize they were being hosed.

Go to,2933,134324,00.html for the weak-assed mea culpas.

But that's not the worst of it...

Bill O'Reilly's interview with Bush, aired during the week of September 27, was a journalistic farce. As Jon Stewart mockingly pointed out, that O'Reilly would trumpet the fact that he wasn't subject to prior restraint by having to submit questions is ridiculous -- it isn't something you praise the President and yourself for, it's the least you should expect as a journalist.

But that's not the worst of the interview...(from the transcript up at,2933,133854,00.html)

O’REILLY: Cause you went to Yale and Harvard.

BUSH: I did.

O’REILLY: And they’re all, pinhead liberals over there, right?

BUSH: I haven’t spent a lot of time why professors feel the way they feel…
O’REILLY: You just wanted to get out of the class. I was the same way. I don't care what you think.

It's one thing for O'Reilly to make these kind of innane comments about college professors in his talking points memo, or with a regular guest or with a panel. But not in an interview with THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES!

I don't particularly care if Duhbya does it in private (though his wife should take exception), but he should not do this kind of stuff in an interview.

In a discussion with the President you don't mock and denigrate other people (they also snickered about the French), especially teachers! This is a president who runs on his education reform record and he participates in this? Shameful.

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BEEz said...

Yeah, we don't want them dern intellectuals making any decisions about our Country! We want the class clown... I'm still smarting from this election. Losing to such an unpresidential chump like Bush makes it really sting. The rightwing mouthpiece machine (which includes Bill O'Reilly, a self-proclaimed "independent") works like hive, never off message. My only hope is that the country wakes up one day and says "these guys are no good." I think it will take a popular Republican turning on them in a "Have You No Sense of Decency?" moment (ala the McCarthy-Welch Exchange that curbed the red scare). I thought it might be McCain (during the swiftboat BS), but he proved to be a pure power player. Oh well.

If you want to hear another guy sound off about O'Reilly (and Bush, of course), page through my blog, but be forewarned that I have a potty mouth...

Glad to see another Bigger Lovers fan out there! I'm hoping to get back to posting music and entertainment reviews and such (this election absorbed all of my thoughts for too long).