Saturday, July 26, 2008

another uninnocent, elegant fall into the unmagnificent lives of adults

To the loud drunk jackasses outside my window at 1am...

Look, I'm sure you lead a much more interesting life than I do. Well, at least tonight when it seems like all my friends had something to do that didn't involve me. That's fine, I accept that, it happens sometimes. I stayed in, read, watched the movie I just got "A Skin A Night", a documentary about The National as they recorded Boxer.

So yeah, that means I was at home and in bed earlier than I'd like to be while the rest of the city as out carousing.

And yeah I know I live in a neighborhood (Mission/Castro area) where I should expect some night time activity. I get that.

But still..keep your gotdamned voiced down a bit. I mean, you see those buildings that *surround* you as you walk down my street? They are residences. Houses, apartments. People *live* behind those windows. And some of us were trying to get to sleep before you.

To the gaggle of LOUD annoying jackasses? When you walk in a pack of 12 you are going to be loud. Don't try and talk over each other because then you're REALLY GOTDAMNED LOUD. Your voices all echo in the 3-story valley that is my street.

And you drunk girl (who sounded like a bit of a fatass). The neighborhood does not need to hear your cigarette and beer-ravaged voice yell LOUDLY, over and over "first base, first base, first base". I don't care if your two girlfriends are faux making out (or for real). Keep your damned voice down. And to her friend? Your joke about having "first base" as an interest on all your social networking profiles? Not funny. Especially the way you said it, in that annoying hipster cadence/accent.

I know it's the city, but have some fucking common sense and common courtesy.

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