Saturday, May 19, 2007

whatever happened to my rock and roll

if you're in need of new music suggestions and don't have time to comb through the excellent mp3 blogs like gorilla vs bear, my old kentucky blog and others i've listed to the right, the podcasts from kexp, kcrw and salon are awesome.

kexp, subject of frequent raves from me, has probably the best podcast lineup of any radio station or otherwise music-centered, web-based enterprise i can think of. there's a song-of-the day feature, a live set archive and others.

santa monica's kcrw has long been known for an excellent variety of programming, especially when it comes to music. in the stone age (pre-web, podcasts, etc) you could find vinyl and then cd releases of in-studio sessions, often by the artists in question as a b-side or extra track to a single. like kexp they have a bunch of podcasts, though with much more variety, given that they don't just do music (note the links to lots of npr podcasts). the today's top tune podcast is as strong as kexp's, and thankfully there's not much, if any, overlap.

the salon audiofile song of the day is another eclectic source, and somehow, magically, there's almost no overlap with kcrw and kexp.

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