Saturday, January 06, 2007

done is good, but done well is so much fucking better

indeed i took in the stephen malkmus show at bimbos. he and the jicks were very good. i didn't ever get to see pavement so this would have to do (well, until they get back for the reuinion tour in 5 or so years...hey, if sebadoh can, right?). anyway, with new drummer janet weiss of the late great sleater-kinney they played a good set, mixed it up from his solo records, expanded some arrangements, got into some extended jamming. still, there was something kind of detached...hard to put my finger on it. good show, it just didn't grab me the way i had expected it to. maybe it was the tuning issues that made it so that between just about every song there was a long tuning break? it was apparently the first night of a west coast tour...i'm sure by a few shows in the music and the tech stuff will all be going smoothly. and hopefully malkmus will shave off the god-awful pornstache.

but for real? the surprise of the night was st. vincent. i haven't heard of annie clark, but from the first note i was hooked. it doesn't hurt that she has the whole winsome indie waif thing going, but that's not what it's all about. she's an inventive guitar player and has a unique voice that borrows a bit from both bjork and billie holiday, among other places. first three songs were devestating -- she sang about paris burning, offing an unfaithful lover and begging a guy to marry her. it was as captivated as i've been by an opening band/artist that i'd never heard of. check out the songs on the myspace page, read her blog, read what gorilla vs. bear has to say about her here and here and here.

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