Wednesday, March 08, 2006

up on the catwalk, and you dress in waistcoats

So who wins Project Runway tonight? I'll admit to being sucked in, NTTAWWT. Actually, thanks to my roommates, this year I got kinda sucked into some fashion-related reality tv...I also ended up caring a bit about America's Next Top Model. But then...sometimes...I'm weak. I can't help it. I'm a man.

Anyway, Santino's certainly been the kind of character that a reality show needs in order to be memorable. As to whether he's as good a designer as the others...well, I'm not a fashionista. But if you go by likability (all things being equal in talent up to this point) then you've gotta root for Chloe or Daniel. Too bad Nick didn't make it. Seems to be a truly likeable person, as much as you can tell from the forced nature of a show like this.

And here...become one of Santino's myspace buddies.

Oh, and here...someone with much more invested in it than me.

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